Instagram Reels Monetization Requirements 2024 “Full Guide”

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Instagram Reels Monetization Requirements 2024!

Not only USA, and UK, Instagram has launched monetization features in many other countries now, creators now can earn money by uploading reels on Instagram.

Before this feature, Instagram users didn’t have any way to monetize their content except affiliate marketing but now reel creators can generate revenue by creating more and more reels.

First of all, not every individual got this feature, only a few creators got this feature. There are some requirements to monetize Instagram reels, which I have pointed out below.

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Instagram Reels Monetization Requirements 2024

  • You must have at least 100 Followers on your account.
  • Your account must be old.
  • Make sure you have switched your account to creator mode from business mode.
  • Make sure you have uploaded at least 20 reels to your account
  • Make sure you have not uploaded any copied reels to your account.

How Will I Get to Know that I Have Got Instagram Reels Monetization Feature?

Go to your Instagram account, Click on the Professional dashboard section in your account, If you are eligible for this feature then you will see the Bonus option. Click on the Bonus option and set up the monetization feature to earn money.

instagram reels monetization

How Will I Receive Payments for Revenue I Generated From Instagram Reels Monetization?

You may receive payment directly into your bank account or you can withdraw your amount in Paypal. You will receive your payment in your bank account or Paypal on the 21st of every month.

For example, if you have earned a total of $100 in October month then you will receive this amount in your bank account or Paypal account on the 21st of November.

How Much Can I Earn From Instagram Reels Monetization?

“How much instagram pays for reels” – This question is asked by so many people to me, My short answer is: It depends on your work and it depends on how many reels you are uploading daily and monthly.

According to my research, you may earn $0.5 to $1 for every 1000 views.

Is There Any Limit to Earning Money From Instagram Reels Monetization?

Yes, there is a limit to earning money from Instagram Reels Monetization in a month, because Instagram gives you a particular bonus for each month, either you have to achieve that whole bonus in a month or you can earn money within that provided bonus.

Hmm… It seems complicated I guess, Let me explain to you with an example.

Example: Suppose, Instagram keeps a $1000 bonus in front of you to achieve in October Month, Then you have to earn up to $1000 in October month to pull out the maximum revenue from the provided bonus.

If somehow you earned $1200 in October month then you will only get a $1000 bonus but if you earn $500 in October month then you will only get $500 in your account.

Best And Profitable Category to Earn More Money From Instagram Reels

Every category has the potential to earn money from Instagram reels but you need to work around the circle of any categories. If you work random categories in a single Instagram account then it may take time.

Education, Entertainment, Information, Technology, Comedy, Facts, Current Affairs, Shopping, Smartphone/Laptop Reviews, Product Reviews & Unboxing may be the best and most profitable categories to earn more money from Instagram Reels.

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Best Software to Make Instagram Reels & Stories

StoryReel is an easy to use cloud “story” style vertical video creation app for marketers, so they can leverage the amazing trend of Stories and use them for promotions and in their ads.

These templates can be customized for any niche and anyone with basic knowledge can create tons of amazing Instagram Reel videos using them, for themselves and their clients.

The tool helps users create short and long animated vertical Story-Style videos using 100s of templates. Check out the full StroyReel Review to get an exact idea.

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Instagram Reels Monetization VS Youtube Monetization

Youtube monetization is more difficult in comparison to Instagram Reels Monetization because Youtube has tough criteria to achieve for monetization. You need to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 Hours of Watchtime in 1 year to become Youtube Program Partner.

On Youtube you have to create long videos, then you need to edit videos, On Youtube, you must have knowledge of Youtube SEO, On Youtube, you must have the skill of thumbnail editing, I Youtube you need to research a lot for content.

So, this process is time-consuming, You will get Youtube monetization but for that, you must be consistent, you must have patience, you must upload videos regularly and you must do hard work.

But on Instagram you don’t require any SEO to rank your videos, you don’t need to do keyword research, you don’t need to create thumbnails, you don’t need to make long videos and you don’t need to achieve 1000 subscribers and 4000 Hours of Watchtime criteria.

All simple is that, create short vertical videos of at least 1 minute, use relevant hashtags and press publish button, that’s it. So that how simple is Instagram from Youtube in terms of monetization.

Conclusion For Instagram Reels Monetization Requirements 2024

If you are a beginner in the Make Money Online niche then Instagram could be the best option for you to kick-start your online earning journey.

Don’t just waste your time watching Youtube Shorts OR Instagram Reels, Just go to your Instagram account and start uploading reels, create your own brand, earn money and make yourself and your family proud.

Thanks for reading the “Instagram Reels Monetization Requirements” post!

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